Activity Management

Does your practice have clear direction? The #1 thing successful advisors don’t allow themselves to do is focus too much time on their competitor’s game plan. Trust me, you hear it all the time…

…this agent is writing $20,000,000 a year with this product and I need access or I will be left behind.

…that advisor talks about blank in his seminars so I need to talk about blank to be relevant in today’s conversation.

…there is an agent who has had a success advertising on that platform and I need to advertise on that platform or I will miss out on prospects.

Don’t fall for that snake oil.

It’s easy to get sucked into this time and energy wasting trap and it’s not your fault. How could it be? The internet gives you access to so much information and there is always a hot new thing working for someone, somewhere. Am I right?

EVERY TIME I was sucked into this time wasting trap I looked back a month or even worse, a year later, and my practice had made minimal progress. I experienced serious regret and frustration because I new I had wasted valuable time and potential.

Luckily, I quickly figured out who to listen to and what works!

I stopped listening to what works for the hottest advisors who live in gated retirement communities with an endless supply of high net worth baby boomers. I ignored what the “big time” producers and marketing companies were teaching. After all, they aren’t in the trenches writing $2,000,000 a year and trying to figure out how to get their production over $5,000,000+ on a limited budget.

I hope this message resonates with you and keeps you from wasting anymore valuable time. If you feel like you need help in this area and are not sure what you need to focus on then you might want to check out our….

Practice Management System