Seminar Process

Questions abound when advisors talk about seminars.

To feed or not to feed? What mailer should I use? What content works best? What demographics do I use? What time and location pulls best? What do I give attendees?

These are all good questions and relevant to the cause but the fact is it all starts with you. What market do you want to target? Where are you located? What demographics are available in that area? Have you ever conducted a seminar before? Are you willing to schedule a series of mailers or are you trying a “One and done” approach?

If you are not willing to schedule and commit to at least two mailers, don’t do it. You cannot generate enough activity with one mailer (2-3 seminars) to keep your activity level up for two months. If one workshop bombs you will be very disappointed.

Age determines content. Obviously you aren’t going to advertise Social Security solutions to people age 74 so don’t mail that age group. SS is conducive to ages 57 – 67 with investable assets of $250,000+.

If you are an Investment Advisory Representative (Series 65 licensed) the Fee-Based Wealth Management approach will attract the right target audience.

ARS provides a comprehensive, step-by-step platform for all seminars starting with who to send the invitation, what invitation to send and what it must include. This includes a calendar timeline of what needs to be done and when.

What happens when you receive your first RSVP? What steps do you take to increase your attendance and appointment ratio? How you set up your seminar and what do you bring?

  • Our attendance is .60% – 1.5% (based on geographic area)
  • Appointment ratio is 65% – 90% (based on advisor confidence and presentation skills)
  • Average case size is $135,000+
  • Minimum client size is $250,000 in Investable Assets

To date, seminars are still the fastest avenue to get in front of a large qualified audience.

Feeding attendees costs money. Would you spend $75,000 a year to make $700,000? Our answer is, “ALL DAY LONG!”.

One caveat that we will add is do not take what your mail house tells you at face value without talking to ARS. They want attendees and that doesn’t necessarily mean qualified attendees. They want a story to tell the next prospective advisor that they recently did a seminar and 100 people showed up. The fact that 99 weren’t qualified won’t be part of the story.

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