Nurturing clients involves staying in contact on a frequent basis which leads to increased trust, more new money business, and increased referrals.

The ARS E-Newsletter is a professionally written monthly newsletter that goes to all of your clients and prospects. It includes market updates, retirement specific content, rate updates, and a host of other information relevant to retirement planning.

All contact information is from you, not ARS. The newsletter contains your picture, contact information, and no reference to ARS. The cost is complimentary for producers doing business with ARS.

This approach has been used for several years and a significant amount of unsolicited business has been written using this communication forum.
One such example occurred when a prospect attended an advisor’s seminar but didn’t make an initial appointment and was not a client. Six months later upon receiving their sixth e-newsletter the prospect had interest in a specific concept discussed in the newsletter and reached out to the advisor to make an appointment. The end result was a $300,000 annuity sale.

The use of this system is very easy and only requires first name, last name and email address. Once this information is input and you have 10 clients/prospects in the system the newsletter will begin to go out.

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