Circle of Friends

The most notable problem we see in our industry, other than having enough activity, is the failure of advisors to nurture the relationships they already have.

Advisors are so busy pursuing the next sale that their current clients take a back seat. There is little contact on a monthly / quarterly / annual basis. The next thing you know a year or two has gone by and the client is left in the lurch. Business Network. Group leader. Concept 3D illustration.

At this point it has now become embarrassing to go back because they haven’t heard from you since the day they became a client. So how do you effectively rekindle this relationship? Can you do this with finesse and still stay in good graces? (if you were using Core Connect this would never have become a problem because they hear from you every month)

Circle of Friends events come in small, medium, and large.
ARS provides the specific process to effectively host a Circle of Friends event. They are easy to put together, inexpensive and very high impact. Depending on the number of clients you have, you could potentially do one per month with great success.

  • Small
  • Invite four “A” couples to an educational and fun event. It is a requirement that for them to attend they MUST bring a friend. This is how you get introduced to new people and grow your business.

    No mailer is required and we will coach on what to say over the phone. If the client accepts the invitation and confirms to bring a guest you will send a confirmation invitation to them AND the guest(s).

  • Medium
  • 6-10 “A / B” clients. Same premise. May provide light snacks, drinks, etc. Wine and cheese tasting, Hold it at a Ford, Chevy, or Mercedes dealership to hear about the latest in cars, or co-op this with a Real Estate agent with an Open House on the latest and greatest amenities in new Homes.

  • Large
  • 10-20 “A / B” clients. This is typically an event with a Guest Speaker. 30-40 minutes is spent on the podium with the Guest Speaker occupying most of the time. This type of event includes a dinner. It’s a high-class event with the personal touch.

Call Russ to discuss the format.

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