Identity Branding

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The goal of branding is to become the recognized expert in your community.

ARS has developed a comprehensive multimedia approach with the assistance of a National Advertising Firm for the benefit of our producer partners. The basis of this effort is to elevate your image and expertise in your local community through the use of a multi-faceted marketing approach.

Using a multi-media approach of radio, newspaper, postcards, articles, and E-Newsletter will significantly enhance not only your visibility but your credibility in your community.

  • Website — a website is only as good as the marketing behind it. A website can also act as an introduction of who you are and validate to a potential client that you do exist in cyberspace.
  • Postcards — a carefully coordinated postcard campaign can produce activity and increase visibility.
  • Business imagery — a professional image is enhanced by using letterhead, business cards, and personalized envelopes.

Branding also involves providing a consistent message of who you are, what you do, and the services you provide. How you answer the phone, business cards and letterhead, office hour availability, email address, etc. all factor into this equation.

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