Business Tools

The long-term success of a Retirement Planning business requires the ongoing implementation of specific business management tools. These tools provide a structured platform to generate ongoing and consistent activity, increase revenues, decreases expenses, as well as cultivate and nurture the relationships you have with clients and potential prospects.

CRM / CMS — ARS CoreConnect

Client Relationship Management / Client Management Systems tools provide a core platform in which the advisor and staff can communicate and manage their client and prospect database.Crossword webpage

ARS CoreConnect is a cutting edge, multi-faceted CRM. CoreConnect includes the following functions:

  • Asset Journal –financial data warehouse for all of a client’s assets
  • Income Planning Software
  • Monthly E-Newsletter

Effectively using this tool provides an increasing source of revenue from new money campaigns, referrals, and builds advisor credibility through the use of the Asset Journal. The proper use of the AJ gives the advisor an opportunity to turn an otherwise intangible business, tangible.


Professional athletes, CEO’s, Hollywood icons, top producers utilize the services of professional coaches. ARS believes that by providing a coaching resource advisors will gain the edge they need in all aspects of their business to succeed.

Sales Training

If you can’t close business you won’t succeed regardless of your activity. ARS believes that by providing access to the nation’s top producers and their techniques everyone will benefit. Understanding how to handle objections, present in the manner a client learns, and ultimately close a higher percentage of sales allows an advisor to achieve their goals.

Business Planning

The foundation of any successful business is planning. Having a road map with the details of how to get from A — B — C results in success. Our proven systematic process for growth walks each advisor through a step-by-step system to achieve the results they need to succeed.

One key goal is to assist each advisor in preparing a strategy that will provide them with an ongoing revenue stream of renewals year after year. This key component is a missing link with most independent advisors and a critically needed aspect in their businesses. This is also a future retirement plan for you either in the form of ongoing residual income or a buyout strategy for your firm.

Strategic Marketing

Marketing is a multi-faceted business function that should be at the core of any advisory firm. These marketing tools and principles cultivate the relationships you currently have as well as generate new clients through outside activities.

Each activity has a core function of providing you with consistent qualified activity to perpetually grow your business month after month, and year after year.

  • Seminars
    Safe Money
    Investment Advisory
    Tax Planning
    Social Security
    Legal (Attorneys only)
  • Referral Campaigns
  • Groups/Clubs/Associations
  • Circle of Friends Events
  • University Classroom Education
  • Annual Reviews
  • Radio spots
  • E-Newsletter
  • Community Branding

Software and Case Design Tools

Utilizing tools that provide the ability to turn a complex planning strategy into a simple solution results in sales. ARS uses tools to provide simple income planning solutions to providing the best Social Security outcomes available.

Our firm works with advisors one-on-one to provide the best possible solution for each client they work with.

First Class Service

ARS understands that as an independent advisor anything you do that isn’t generating revenue is a cost center for you. We provide comprehensive service for all of your business needs including product selection and expertise, New Business suitability review, case placement, regulatory issues, compliance and home office exception negotiations.

ARS also provides training for internal office staff in the completion of application forms, transfer requests, carrier website navigation, etc.

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